Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Be fearless - defy the doom-sayers

This story about “cancer-clusters” is interesting and raises a theory that I have long held. Modern medicine feeds on fear and as a population we are less “well” than we could or should be simply because we buy into the fear-mongering. But before I get started on that particular soap-box, back to the cancer-cluster story. It seems that there may be clusters (of any disease for that matter but cancer strikes fear into the hearts of most), however trying to pin-point a causative agent is usually a futile task, with clusters then dismissed as serendipity or random happenstance. 

Now back to the fear-mongering. It infects most of the population - none more so than the conceiving, reproducing, birthing and breastfeeding population, with whom I'm most familiar. It’s ubiquitous, it’s insidious and it’s under-mining women’s most fundamental beliefs in themselves and their bodies. But above all the fear-mongering is about big business. 

Prospective parents and new mums and dads listen up! Think of the massive commercial interests in IVF, pre-natal diagnostic screening, medical intervention and surgical births and breast milk substitutes before you buy into the spin of Dr. Fear and his cronies. 

“We'll assess how many healthy eggs you have left.” 
“We need to see if your baby's the right size for dates.” 
“We have to check the position of your placenta.”
“Your baby’s big, but your pelvis is small!” 
“Your baby’s not latching on, she’s still hungry!” and on and on ...

Step away, ignore the doomsayers and check out a different story. Find a story-teller that makes your heart sing, your spirits lift and infuses you with optimism, positivity and a belief in yourself. Then see if you can create a cluster of like-minded prospective and new mums! What would it take ... for you to be free of infection-with-fear?

Knowledge is power, and power trumps fear. Here are some brand new, inexpensive ways to wise up and get with the power.

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