Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Get good guys into your newborn baby's belly

"A mother's gut microbiota may transfer and colonise newborn infants intestines in the first few days after birth, according to new research from Yakult."

Yep, that’s right, so make sure you’re passing on good gut bacteria. That simply means getting your own gut house in order long before you conceive and then maintaining it during your pregnancy. It also means avoiding C-sections and formula feeds, both of which interfere with the appropriate colonisation of your baby’s gut. But if you get your infant's gut health right in that brief window that exists post-natally you’ve given him or her a lifetime of better health. 

Simple equation and it all starts with the right product and the right supporting health-promotion measures. But your partner’s part of this equation too. His gut health can benefit from a tune-up, in fact the general population would benefit from a mouth to rectum overhaul of their insides. If that sounds like an invasive procedure, it can be easily accomplished with a potent probiotic, mixing strains that colonise the whole length of your intestines and taken on a regular and ongoing basis.

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