Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fifty years down the track

Only occasionally do I turn from the latest, newsiest news in the world of wellbeing to something more personal, but this was an event worth recording. Sunday November 17 2013 saw the “Class of 63” gather to celebrate fifty years since graduating from Narrabeen Girls High School. I’m still basking in the glow of catching up with long lost friends and of making some wonderful new ones. The afternoon and the many amazing conversations were an affirmation of how strong the relationships formed during those teenage years remain, of how quickly the intervening years seem to have passed, but also of how rich and diverse our various lives and loves. So many extraordinary journeys, so many memories and all so different! And at a very practical level, it was a reminder that I have been especially blessed to walk my particular, life-affirming and health-promoting path! I still feel as energetic and optimistic as the 16 year old teenager I was back then (back row, third from right).

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