Friday, November 23, 2012

Message to all Mums and Dads - spend more time with your kids!

A UK study of 2,000 parents reveals their 20 major regrets and yes, lack of time spent with their children is a recurring and predominant theme! And I can understand why this would be so - even now, when my boys are gorgeous young men of 22 and 27 I can look at them and wish their childhood over again - and I was a full time, 24/7 Mum from day #1. Not that I would do it differently, just that I would like to enjoy it all one more time. Mikey, my 22 year old is seeing the reality and the likelihood of regrets at first hand. Now studying to be a Primary Teacher he is also working at Vacation Care - on a daily basis throughout school holidays he and seven others take 45 kids on outings and excursions, to movies, concerts and more. But in his words he and his colleagues are having all the fun and the parents are missing out! Sure, he’s exhausted at the end of the day - who wouldn’t be, but it won’t be the tiredness he looks back on. Rather it will be the wonder of seeing the world through young eyes, being part of kids’ conversations and their voyages of learning and discovery. When you get to that famous last review of your life - will you wish you had spent more time in the office? More on this theme in my latest book Healthy Parents, Healthy Toddler. Click here to read a sample chapter.

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