Friday, January 11, 2013

2000 year old food supplements!

Wow, what an astounding finding...and even more interesting, the zinc carbonate was blended with animal and plant lipids and pine resin, and sealed in an oxygen-free container. The researchers know the reason for the supplement because of its shape, which corresponded with writings of the time and that additives and sealants were designed to improve efficacy and stability. Interesting that the tradition of zinc for ophthalmic and dermatological conditions is very old as well as knowledge of how to make it work better and last longer!

Zinc’s long been a favourite supplement of mine. Considered the most important trace element for the woman about to become pregnant, zinc is involved in every aspect of reproduction. Ensuring optimal zinc status before conception and maintaining it throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding will pay big dividends - from improving fertility, through preventing stretch marks and post-natal depression to optimal immunity, brain and eye function and skin integrity in your baby. But zinc deficiency is also the most widespread in the Western world, luckily there’s a cheap and simple test that you can do yourself and you can read all about it in Healthy Parents, Healthy Baby. 

Wonder if the Tuscan’s had a way to suss out zinc deficiency?

Which brings me to deficiency of another sort... George The Airedale has done it again. He's in disgrace! Alerted by his consumption of items (see post January 02), I moved all apparel to the second bedroom and closed the door. Undeterred, he wormed his way through the 10 cm opening from the balcony and jumped up on the bed. I reckon this is the desperate act of a nutrient deficient dog. Given that his usual demeanour is totally indolent, undemonstrative, horizontal and non-athletic, but also given that his most recent appetite took the crutch out of my brand new swimsuit, destroyed a sports bra and another pair of knickers I am convinced he needs fresh meat! Noting that only intimate items, those in close contact with flesh, or that once were part of something living, in the case of shoes and sandals, have been to his taste. 

No doubt in my mind that a dog eating nothing but canned food is just as deficient as the humans who eat only processed and refined and the Tuscans knew it too!  Whole, fresh, grown on healthy soil and boosted by probiotics and robust nutritional support. Yep, I know it’s my soapbox again, and yep found a way to insert my message into the most esoteric and the most prosaic...sigh


Diana said...

Indeed, according to what I've researched that most of us Americans are unaware having zinc deficiency which is really bad for us. Since zinc is one of the primary factor to a stable immune defense.

shane said...

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