Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Working more (or less) - who benefits?

Why you shouldn’t work less was a headline that caught my attention. According to this author and according to the law of "diminishing marginal utility" eight hours at work and three with your family can make you happier than eight hours with your family and three at work. 

“In the language of economics, the marginal utility of time with your kids - the happiness you get from the last hour you spend with them - is declining as you spend more hours.”

Beats me how any intelligent human being can subscribe to a theory that brings it all down to their own personal “happiness.” Parenting is a full time job and like all jobs, it has moments of boredom, sameness, challenge and dissatisfaction, dare I say - it's not an endless pleasure cruise. But it’s undoubtedly the most important job you’ll ever do and the satisfactions of this particular job will surpass any professional triumphs, accolades or achievements. More to the point, the benefits that your child gets from having a full time one-on-one carer, are incalculable. 

Through the years I’ve had a few discussions that have all pointed to one thing. Those children, whose parents worked full time, just wished their mum or dad could have  been at home more. In the final countdown, if you’re having a family simply to enable your own happiness, wouldn’t a dog be a whole lot simpler?

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