Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby-making? First get lean and clean!

Well no surprises here! An obese mother is at risk of having a baby that in adulthood is more likely to die prematurely from coronary heart disease. And we shouldn’t expect the sperm of an obese father to deliver an optimal healthy package to his partner’s egg either. I’m sure these studies actually prove elegant and long-held theories, but I get very frustrated when the experiential evidence is already so clear, unequivocal and of such long-standing!

The healthiest babies come from the healthiest parents and the healthiest parents are also of normal weight. I don’t buy “fat people can be healthy!” Let’s face it, the obese are beset by a range of inflammatory processes, hormonal imbalances, skewed lipid profiles, compromised circulatory and cardiovascular performance to name just a few issues. That’s an unfortunate environment for eggs and sperm, a very compromised beginning for the uterus where an embryo will develop and grow. So if you’re overweight and thinking about pregnancy - get your weight within normal range first! 

While we’re on the subject of maternal diets and lifestyles, this report linking consumption of food and drink containing toxins to harm to the developing baby, makes me wonder where these particular researchers have been hiding. When Foresight’s work along exactly these lines dates back more than 35 years, when I’ve personally been singing this song for 30 years, it’s no wonder I get frustrated. Last but definitely not least, Australian scientists from Deakin University in collaboration with Norwegian researchers have confirmed that pregnant women whose diet is high in cereals and sugar-laden drinks are more likely to have children with behavioural problems. Children's symptoms of depression, anxiety, conduct and attention deficit disorders were directly linked to nutrient-poor, high-sugar, maternal diets! 

Convinced that you and your partner need to take action? It's never too soon to get started and here's all you need to know for the healthiest possible baby-making!

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