Thursday, November 8, 2007

On being a full time parent

This afternoon, while taking advantage of a break between storms and a waterside "exercise station" I struck up a conversation with a full time Dad. He was relaxing on the inclined situp plane. He wasn't doing situps - just enjoying a beautiful afternoon while his daughter played. It reminded me of all the afternoons I'd done something similar while my kids occupied themselves with whatever kids find interesting when they're two or three years old. We don't see many full time parents just "hanging" with their kids - but I reckon everyone would be better off if we did!
Reckon you'll reach the end of your days and wish you'd spent more time at the office?

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Rob said...

I was a mostly full-time parent until a year ago. I was working three short days a week and full-time parenting the remainder. My ex was supposed to be co-parenting the other three days - but it was was me looking after my daughter. I wasn't able to do any more because of financial constraints but I loved every moment of being a mostly full-time dad.

It has to be better than by Brother and his wife - their baby is in mostly full-time care which is a damned shame because they will miss out on so much.

Anyone who parents full time has my admiration because it is easier to drop the baby at care rather than lose out financially.

I would do it all again - and with any luck, I probably will.