Sunday, February 6, 2011

and the vaccine debate rages on...

Another book and vilification of anyone crazy enough to question the orthodox vaccination dogma...BUT Dr Julie Leask, a senior research fellow and manager of social research at the University of Sydney's National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance emerges as a moderate voice in the over-heated vaccination debate. ''We know the vaccine issue is grey. It's not a simple case of vaccines are perfect,'' Leask said and continues...''again and again we hear parents say, 'I want balanced information.’”

Indeed - parents must be able to make up their own minds rather than feel bludgeoned by health, education or other officials. Those who decide, as my mother did (a brave woman almost sixty years ago when polio was still around), as I did, as many others are doing, not to vaccinate, then that should be our choice and harassment, guilt, fear, ostracism and blame should never enter the equation. This decision should be ours to make, just as we have the right to opt for any other orthodox medical procedure or not!

Life is uncertain, but I and many like me prefer to put trust in our own health promotion efforts. And I reckon I’m doing better than anything vaccination (or orthodox medicine) can offer! As a kid I had chicken pox, mumps, measles and whooping cough! But at 63 I’ve never had a serious illness, never been in hospital (not even for babies), couldn’t tell you the last time I saw a doctor. My boys, now 20 and 25, in their combined 45 years on this planet, have together seen a GP just six times (the average number of visits for a newborn in his first YEAR of life). Because of the work I do, I hear similar positive stories from healthy, un-vaccinated families! So what does responsibility for a competent immune system look like? Best place to start is with both parents before conception, but those benefits will last a lifetime! If you’re looking for true preventive healthcare - here it is! 

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Unknown said...

Well said Grant - and your comment raises the important issue of a vaccine used to protect from a real risk, rather than a raft of vaccines assaulting immature immune systems to protect from 'may be a risk' somewhere down the track. Big difference. Always remember a highly-regarded medico friend saying he would always take his chances and treat the disease (should it ever become necessary) rather than vaccinate. He also said if his views became known amongst his peers, his reputation would be in tatters!