Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mobiles, tablets ... at a distance in the name of healthier sperm

Just had a chat to the Communications Manager of the Fertility Coalition, an initiative that hopefully will get the preconception message on more people’s radar. Just disappointing to see that their website misses mention of a vitally important issue in discussion of “other factors” affecting fertility and babies.
Electromagnetic radiation, unseen but insidious and now thanks to Wi-fi and mobile phones, all around us. Particularly at risk are the young men who carry mobile phones in pockets and work with laptops or tablets in laps. You need to put some distance between yourself fellas! 

Find somewhere else to stow that phone, put your laptop or tablet on a desk, especially in the 4 months before conception. Foresight UK Association for Promotion of Preconceptual Care says Carrying a mobile phone in the trouser pocket has been linked to low sperm count/immotile sperm, so do not let your husband - do whatever it takes to stop him.”

And while I’m on the subject, young women of the world listen up. No phones tucked in bras and no phones close to your new baby’s still-developing brain (that's in utero and when nursing)

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