Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mercury - and hatters went mad in vain

At last, dental mercury is on the way out - globally and for good! Embraced by dentists for the positive attributes of stability and long-life, silver-coloured amalgam filled generations of cavities, but its use has continued well beyond it’s “use by date”. I know people (including myself) who have been on the campaign trail to implement mercury-free dentistry for more than 35 years - but we’ve known about mercury’s toxicity for a great deal longer. The term “mad as a hatter” has its origins in 18th and 19th century England when mercury was used in the making of felt. Milliners were fond of felt for hat-making, accumulating mercury in their tissues and suffering dementia as a result. 

Our ability to ignore the obvious is quite astounding! While amalgam was shoved into unsuspecting mouths, the waste product of the amalgam was categorised as”toxic waste” requiring safe disposal methods! Mercury’s toxicity to the unborn has also been known for a very long time, with initially, only a few enlightened health and regulatory authorities banning amalgam’s use during pregnancy. 

Now that movement is mainstream, but still we need more action as manufacturing processes, batteries, vaccination products and much more, leach mercury into the environment. Fish that are high in the food chain can be high in mercury. Until it’s gone from the environment completely, you need to supplement with all the trace elements (see earlier posts), which go some way to detoxifiying heavy metals which also include lead, aluminium and cadmium. As a matter of interest, selenium which is found in garlic and onions is specific for mercury detoxification.
My question is, decades on, will we be trying to close the door after the GM and vaccination horses have well and truly bolted and damaged untold and unborn generations? 

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