Thursday, April 25, 2013

Look beyond obesity, the problem is more fundamental

Professor Robert Lustig says it’s time to change the conversation about obesity and to focus on all the metabolic syndromes that the world now suffers from. Hear, hear Prof Lustig! But let’s look beyond sugar as the poison that I agree it is, and get down to the basis of undoing the  effects of several generations eating “white” foods (sugar, refined flour etc.)

It’s almost eighty years since Dr. Weston Price’s studies of native communities around the world resulted in the publication of his seminal work -  Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. It’s eighty years since this enlightened dentist demonstrated the direct link between compromised reproductive outcomes and a host of chronic conditions (including diabetes), to the change from a traditional wholefood diet to one containing refined sugars and flour and hydrogenated fats. 

Sadly, only a few were listening to Weston Price’s message, so it’s now been a long time and a lot of generations. As he predicted, we now have massively compromised reproductive health (beginning with infertility and going all the way through to the epidemic of kids with metabolic, immune, neurological and digestive disorders) and chronic degenerative disease that occurs at younger and younger ages. 

By all means move away from the obesity focus, it’s just the tip of a massive iceberg. But let’s move to where the most effective solution can be found - with the health of prospective parents before conception. Then, even if every prospective parent were to modify their diet and lifestyle right now, it will be many generations before we have a hope of redressing the damage. But begin we must ... it’s entirely in our hands! The next generation deserves a whole lot better than their current unhealthy legacy!
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