Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The brain cells that grow in your gut

A new study from UCLA and Danone shows that daily supplements of a fermented milk product may influence the parts of the brain linked to emotion and sensation.

Yes, the gut-brain axis is alive and well, with science now confirming what all of us have understood intuitively all along ... 

“I knew in my guts it was wrong” 
“I just trust that gut-feeling”
“My insides were in knots”
“That was my initial gut-reaction!”

and so on ... our emotions, our response to stress, our initial impressions of an idea, a person or an action ... deep-seated and gut-connected. There is a brain in our guts, with connections and receptors that are very like those in our “head brain”. What’s more, this latest study, though hardly surprising, shows that gut brain is influenced by the health and composition of the gut microbiota.

I keep saying it and the research is piling up in support. This is the new frontier where natural (and orthodox) medicine will finally discover the foundation of true physical and mental health and wellbeing (well at least until we can all manipulate our energetic anatomy but that’s likely to be longer in the doing). In the meantime ensure your regular daily intake of a premium probiotic product for emotional balance and stress-reduction! So very easy - Zoloft sales might never be the same again!

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