Monday, May 6, 2013

The race is on for New Zealand to become 100 percent organic by 2015.

Wow, this is exciting! Our little next-door neighbour, long-regarded as some sort of poor country cousin by a lot of Aussies (well at least when they’re not talking about Rugby) has aspirations to be the world’s first totally organic food-producer before this decade is out!

Michelle Glogau, CEO of Organic Certifier Biogro said: “We strongly believe that organics should be the standard rather than alternative way of growing, processing and trading in New Zealand - for the wellbeing of our environment and communities and animals. The ongoing success of our certified organic-producers is proof enough that consumers in New Zealand and around the world want more [organics] of what we have got.”

But the gauntlet is down, with the tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan likely to give NZ a run for their money. It seems that they might just do it in the organic stakes, thanks to their Buddhist heritage, already displaying an enviable approach to economic development, centred on protecting the environment and focused on mental wellbeing. As far as I know Bhutan doesn't yet field a Rugby team...

Seriously though, this is an enviable aim on New Zealand's (and Bhutan's) part. What would it take for Australia to clean up her agricultural act and get with the real power in farming? Everybody's health would benefit and the farmers' bank balances would be better off too. Oh and maybe Monsanto would experience a slump in profits?

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