Sunday, June 30, 2013

How's your zinc status?

People with mild depression or anxiety may have modified perceptions of how fat, sweet and bitter flavours which could result in higher consumption levels of unhealthy foods, researchers suggest.

I wonder if the authors of this latest study made the possible trace element connection? The researchers, from University of Wurzburg, Germany published their findings in PLoS One. They showed that people suffering from mild depression or anxiety also have modified perceptions of how fat, sweet or bitter particular foods are.  

Could zinc be a missing link? Zinc is one of the most important trace elements, but zinc deficiency is also the most widespread deficiency in the Western world. Compromised zinc status has been linked to a multitude of issues, including both depression and poor taste sensation. Compromised zinc status can have affect every aspect of reproduction from how fertile you are to how easily your baby will settle. There’s a very simple, inexpensive test for zinc status - all the details here and in Healthy Parents, Healthy Baby.

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