Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vitamin D - preventing diabetes

When the incidence of diabetes reaches epidemic proportions, when estimates suggest 552 million diabetics worldwide by 2030 and when diabetes healthcare expenditure for 2011 reached $465 billion dollars in US alone, we have to consider the possible involvement of some very fundamental lifestyle or environmental factor. Enter the sun, but also enter indoor activities and avoidance of sun exposure thanks to the risk of skin-cancer, melanoma or premature skin ageing!

But listen up to Professor Cedric Garland, from University California San Diego Department of Preventive Medicine, Primary Investigator of GrassrootsHealth D Action Project. Preliminary data just released indicates 80-90 percent reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes with robust vitamin D supplementation (or appropriate sun exposure). While Dr. Garland says the results are truly amazing, he says we shouldn’t be surprised, as type 1 diabetes is virtually unknown at the equator.  But it now appears vitamin D is equally important in preventing type 2 diabetes.

As a public health measure, universally restoring vitamin D status would not only have a massively beneficial impact on the health status of entire populations, but could be implemented quickly, safely and cheaply. So let the sun shine on - every day. For a continuing appropriate relationship between your skin and the sun...
Ensure it’s a clear day without pollution
Minimize UVA while allowing UVB
10-15 minutes exposure/day between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm
Expose 40 percent of skin area
If this isn’t possible, use oral supplements of D3 to achieve 40-60ng/ml (100-150nMols/L)

RULE OF THUMB: For every 100IU ingested, there is increase of 1ng/ml

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