Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big Pharma rides roughshod ...

Interesting perspective emerges around the last in a very long and scary list of mass shootings in the US. After every one there is renewed enthusiasm, at least amongst part of the population, for changes to gun laws. Sadly the chance of such meaningful changes ever being implemented is remote, Americans having a weird sense of entitlement, seeing their “right to bear arms” as sacrosanct.

But as many have stated so succinctly, “the problem is not the guns but the people who own them." This news item makes it clear that some of those people are undoubtedly violent and mentally deranged courtesy of a pharmaceutical cocktail, prescribed for mental health issues such as PTSD. This very pertinent aspect of the mass killer profile fails to make the news. After all Big Pharma contributes millions to print and other media - it would never do to bite the hand that feeds.

Just how insidious the reach (e.g. right up to the United Nations) and influence of Big Pharma and associates (e.g. Monsanto) is made crystal clear by Dr. Joseph Mercola in this recent illuminating article.  Quite a read but worth the effort! If you’re inspired to get the inside story on vaccination, look no further than “The Vaccination Bible” from What Doctors Don’t Tell You. 

Having just forwarded the link to a very savvy young couple, determined to make the right decision on vaccination for their soon-to-be-born child, they assure me that it's very worthwhile and enlightening reading! 

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