Monday, September 16, 2013

Nutrition for brain health

Our brain is only about 2 per cent of our total body weight, but it accounts for at least 25 per cent of our metabolic demands! Now that statistic is definitely worth thinking about! A quarter of our metabolic demands are made by our brain, no wonder we’ve got an epidemic of mental health issues sitting alongside the physical issues that are a legacy of over-supply, under-nutrition, toxic overload, deranged gut microbiota and vitamin D deficiency to name just a few key issues. 

Restoring mental (and emotional health) could potentially have a massive impact, not only  on levels of depression which are set to be the biggest cause of disability by 2020, but on learning ability in schools and other institutions, on violence in society, on dependence on social poisons such as cigarettes and alcohol and on the incidence of recreational and hard-core drug-taking.

Where to begin for a healthier brain? This infographic does a great job of giving you all the details which can be summed up as, clean, green, wholefood diet, improved gut health, plenty of purified water, no cigarettes, reduced alcohol and caffeine, regular exercise and exposure to sunlight and restful sleep free from electromagnetic pollution ( phones). Sounds just like my prescription for couples planning a pregnancy...  

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