Tuesday, January 7, 2014

UK Government to challenge Monsanto

The UK Government has confirmed that it will file a challenge to the European Commission’s approval of Monsanto’s application to sell a variety of its GM-soy in Europe.
The coalition of influential environmental groups states that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has failed to comply with all the safety checks as required by law before backing the safety of the company’s GM (Intacta) soybeans for use in food and feed. 

The reasons given for the challenge include (1) the conclusion that this soybean can be regarded as equivalent with soybeans from conventional breeding (2) there has been no investigation of combinatorial effects (3) flawed examination of allergenic risks and (4) there is no obligation for monitoring health effects at the stage of consumption.

In July Monsanto said it would withdraw pending applications for cultivation of four GM crops in the EU as they “were going nowhere fast.” Meanwhile millions of tons of GM crops are imported into the EU for use as animal feed, so wherever you live, you must read the labels, buy organic and support the non-GM movement!

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