Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Time to get rid of the sickness model

The Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia (CHC) has called on the government to change its health focus from supporting what it calls “an ailing and expensive illness model” to one that promotes wellbeing.

I agree with CHC that it's time for a government to depart from the current, deeply flawed model! 

Hon. Peter Dutton (while still in opposition) invited me to Canberra to discuss the promotion of wellness care before conception and ever the optimist I hope something may yet come of those discussions. Dutton certainly indicated he wanted to make better use of our highly trained Australian pharmacists! The vehicle for the promotion of preconception care through community pharmacies is already in place, we just need someone with the resolve to make its promotion mandatory rather than voluntary. Then we need incentives that make it an attractive proposition for prospective parents to adopt.  

And the time is right. On Australia Day, Tim Conolan was named Australia's Local Hero for 2014, having established TLC for Kids, a charity that supports sick Australian children. Tim estimates TLC has helped 700,000 sick kids.

I'd like to think there's enthusiasm somewhere (beyond my own continuing endeavours) for reducing the number of sick kids! 

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