Sunday, February 12, 2017

More on the mighty Mediterranean diet

The marvellously varied  Mediterranean diet keeps turning up in research and proving its many benefits.

Sticking to foods that typically make up the Mediterranean diet may prove to be an effective approach in managing ADHD, a Spanish team has deduced. The study doesn’t identify cause and effect, rather it focuses on very specific dietary strategies that can help families with children suffering from ADHD.

Wondering exactly what constitutes the Mediterranean diet? Think - Spanish, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Middle Eastern. Think - very high in fresh vegetables and fruit (red, orange, purple, green), whole grains, legumes, seafood and mono-unsaturated fats from olive oil, olives and nuts such as walnuts and almonds. Also think - much reduced meat and dairy!

The Mediteranean diet has also been demonstrated to boost brain power in seniors.
This study that should be dear to every baby-boomer’s heart - on the subject of memory and improving cognition, the Mediterranean diet rears its healthy head once again. Yep, the benefits of olive oil, lots of red, purple and green vegies, plus seafood, nuts and legumes is undisputed. In other words, the things to avoid are red meat and dairy, those saturated fats that make up such a big part of the typical Western diet. 

Additionally important for the baby boomers, study shows the Mediterranean diet is able to cut the risk of heart disease by 30 percent.

What can we deduce from all of this? It's simple - these particular, traditional eating habits should be enshrined as a healthy legacy for all ages and life stages! That means before conception, during pregnancy and breastfeeding too. And while I’m on my soapbox, if Mum breastfeeds for an extended period (remembering that WHO recommends a minimum breastfeeding period of two years) the large variety of Mediterranean-inspired taste sensations that her baby will enjoy through her breastmilk will promote sophisticated tastes and eating habits in her toddler!

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