Saturday, February 16, 2019


What better way to resurrect my neglected blog endeavors than with a post about the extraordinary power and wisdom of the female body! Admittedly, the latest findings that show a woman ‘actively’ seeks out the most robust and healthy sperm to fertilize her egg, are not entirely new. In fact Francesca Naish and I wrote of this in our very first book, The Natural Way to Better Babies, which though still in print, was published way back in 1996!

‘So what?’ Well, apart from confirming the human body’s innate wisdom, it confirms the absolute importance of actively and positively preparing for your child’s conception. Think about it! Do you want your body to be searching for the absolute healthiest of an extremely healthy bunch, or would you be happy with the lackluster leading man in a very lackluster lot? It’s a no-brainer girls (and guys)! And maybe, just maybe, that innate feminine wisdom is actually at the heart of your failed attempts at conception if your partner’s sperm are showing lackluster form only. That wise female may just be hanging out for something much better.  As the Guardian article so succinctly puts it ‘natural fertilization is a brutal game!’

So here’s what to do to ensure the healthiest possible swimmers! Excellent preconception diets (with robust supplementation), supported by toxicity and stress-free lifestyles (both his and hers), are the starting point. Those critical four months immediately before conception are the real first trimester, when everything must be squeaky clean to ensure not only an easy, healthy conception, but to increase the likelihood that your child will live a life free of chronic degenerative disease. The effects carry across generations too! Conversely, poor preconception health (his and hers) and compromised pregnancy nutrient intake in addition to lifestyle and environmental toxicity contribute to poorer reproductive outcomes, increasing the chance of a child who will suffer a life-time of less than robust physical and mental health. This is fact - not supposition!

The female body is uniquely designed to weed out the weakest, slowest sperm. The steps you can take to ensure that
a plethora of super-fit, supremely strong swimmers are vying to fertilize a fabulously health ovum are entirely in your hands!


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