Saturday, November 10, 2007

All those in favour of Better Babies - raise your hands

This week my co-author Francesca sent me an email - its always wonderful to hear from an enthusiastic reader of our books - and judging by the pics that came with the message, those readers are getting younger and younger!

November 06 2007
Dear Francesca,

Thank you so much for your lovely email and kind words.

My apologies for the late reply, we are currently travelling up the east coast on holidays till Christmas, and my time for correspondence has been very limited.

You are more than welcome to use Gabriel's photo, with or without his name (Gabriel Amadeus Bozovic). I think the work you are doing is so important, and I am so supportive and am happy to help in any way I can. Gabriel was conceived on my Lunar date, and arrived on the 4th April, 2005.

Again I feel very fortunate to have come across your books before conception. Thank You.

As an Aromatherapist, and wholistic Beauty Therapist, and Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, I have quite a passion for health and wellbeing. I am always researching and furthering my knowledge, and sharing it with those who will listen - I can't believe how much I have learnt since becoming a mum.

I am so passionate about healthy living, that I am going to further my studies in Nutrition/Lifestyle. I would love to eventually work with pregnancy and children. I am sure the poor lifestyle choices people make often come from a lack of information.

Through your books we feel so informed, and know that it has contributed to Gabriel's amazing growth and health. We chose not to immunise. He has been able to express himself verbally from a very young age, which has made our job easier. He is often mistaken for a 3 year old. People always comment on his amazing skin and gorgeous curls. And he has the most amazing and inquisitive mind!

Parenting is an extraordinary journey - how blessed we feel to be on the path. Our lives have been enriched beyond measure.

I have attached digital photos of the one we sent you, and also some recent ones from our trip. I hope you enjoy them and that they are of benefit. I am also happy to send future photos if you are interested.

I will be turning 42 in the new year, and if Gabriel decides he is ready to wean, I will look forward to another healthy conception.

Thank you again,
Kind regards,
Jenny Bozovic.

November 07 2007
Hello Jenny,

Francesca was kind enough to forward your lovely email and the pics (I am the other half of the Better Babies books and programs). Gabriel is absolutely gorgeous and what a wonderful advertisement for our book (and our work)!!

Thankyou for taking the time to share your experience!

I’m wondering if you would agree to posting on my blog? I’d love to link to your website if you have one, or refer to your practice?

The blog is brand new, but testimonials like yours are exactly what it needs.

BTW – my own Better Babies (the ones who inspired the books) are now 22 and 17 – the benefits of their beginnings are as apparent now as they were when they were Gabriel’s age J

Thanks again for your gracious words


November 09 2007
Dear Jan,

Thank you for your email, and very kind words.

I am so pleased Francesca forwarded my email as it was my intention for you both to receive it. You have both been an amazing part of our journey, and we thank you so much for all your sharing, caring, words of wisdom and wonderful books.

I am so happy to help in any way I can, as I think the wonderful work you both do is so important and so needed.

You are very welcome to use the photos, my emails etc.. in your work, for your blog, websites. I can also forward more current photos if required.

If this is not suitable, I am happy to scribe a more specific testimonial.

Thank you so much for your very kind offer to link my website and refer my practise – but I have not returned to work, as I am finding my new Motherhood role very full time!

Thank you again, for enlightening my journey into Motherhood, and filling my mind and heart with so much wonderful knowledge and wisdoms, which have empowered me to make the best possible choices for the best possible outcomes. I feel so privileged to be a caretaker of our gorgeous little boy Gabriel. Our lives have been enriched beyond measure, and we are certainly on a magical and extraordinary journey.

Wishing you all the very best,
Kind regards,
Jenny Bozovic.

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