Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Give your kids the taste for good food

THis is an interesting story - find out how you can positively influence your kids' taste for fruit and vegetables (and other healthy tidbits)


Rob said...

It was interesting to see this article and it reminded me about a time working on a pig-farm (I'm sure both Francesa and Jan have heard some of my 'interesting' pig farming stories, maybe I will post some another time!)

There was a study conducted that showed if sows were fed garlic-flavoured food during pregnancy and during lactation, then the piglets would wean quicker if the creep (pig weaner food) was flavoured with garlic.
Prior to this the creep was always flavoured with raspberry (it may still be) because piglets have a sweet tooth.

I can understand this 'inherited' taste to some degree, but it doesn't quite explain why my daughter seemed to have a taste for olives, capers, asparagus, curries and many of the foods her mother hated.


Rob said...

Here are some other studies in which diet in pregnancy can affect your child's well being and health.

It is funny how medicine is catching up with what 'cranks and snake-oil merchants' (Aslo known as naturopaths) have been saying for years.



Melanie Kissell said...

Thanks for sharing this awesome information in the blogoshpere!

As a lactation specialist for the past 26 years ...

My advice to breastfeeding mums is to "eat a little bit of everything under the sun, and not too much of any one thing". I go on to further explain that, in doing so, babies will be introduced to the tastes and flavors of a nice variety foods ... including veggies!
Following this practice is proving to have wonderfully positive results. Between four and six months of age when babies start to consume solids, they turn out to be very cooperative eaters. No matter what Mum puts on the spoon, they gobble it up!

Live Well,

~Melanie Kissell

Unknown said...

Yes Melanie, I can confirm the benefits of eating nutritious, but most of all, a variety of different foods while breastfeeding. My boys are well and truly grown into young men, but they have always had very adult tastes for food and David, who is now 23 has made his career as a chef. He didn't get his culinary skills from his Mum (I'm a reluctant cook) but I certainly had something to do with developing his palate!