Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You say ... "a cot!"

The invitation to the baby shower began...

A Gift for Baby...
X and Y have got the lot 
The only thing left to buy is a cot ... 

and continued in rhyming fashion until

A comfortable and cozy bed
For Bubba Z to rest it's head.

I couldn't resist a reply in kind

You say a cot ...

but maybe not?

The family bed

is good instead!

For night time feeds 

and night time needs.

Stay horizontal, warm & snug -

the nursery option is a dud!

Mum least disturbed,

Bub least distressed.

Don’t leave your bed -

just bare the breast. 

A side-car so she will not fall

or mattresses placed wall to wall.

It’s easy, best ... what more to say?

Ignore the doubters who say nay! 

The world has always slept this way ...

and she WILL leave your bed one day! 

AND long before she goes to University - that’s a promise :)

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