Monday, January 31, 2011

I've signed up for a spring clean!

So school’s in, the workers are back at their desks, so who’s feeling fit and ready to face the year? Not you? Not me either - but I reckon I’ve got the solution. Now the festivities and the holiday excesses are done for the year, it’s time to make amends for the extra food and alcoholic beverage, the sleep-in instead of the gym and those unhealthy snacks while engrossed in the tennis or the cricket! DETOX. Yes, I know, the thought of starvation and privation isn’t high on your agenda when you’re flat out coping with the school run and long days in the office when the beach still beckons, but this detox is going to leave you feeling absolutely awesome. Check out the brand new “Get Clean, Get Lean” from the professional who makes detox a pleasure not a pain. This will leave you jumping out of your skin. I’m doing it too - so let’s have your feedback! You'll be getting mine...

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