Thursday, February 17, 2011

The rise and rise of super bugs ...

So now we’re threatened with near-extinction and a return to pre life-saving chemotherapy and organ transplants. How’s that then? The rise of the super-resistant microorganism that resists every antibiotic that modern medicine can throw at it!

Good grief, how will we ever manage? 

Well maybe, just maybe, we might see the sense in making sure our immune systems are able to respond to bacterial assault without the help of antibiotics. What would that look like? Well let’s try preconception care for both prospective parents, a stress-free and optimally nourished pregnancy, birth away from the hospital environment, prolonged breast feeding and then a childhood and lifetime diet of healthy food grown on healthy soil together with a reduced load of environmental and lifestyle toxins.  Oh and robust nutritional supplementation! Works a treat, have had 63 antibiotic-free years myself, my kids have had 20 and 25 respectively. Given our track record we might even reach a ripe old age without needing life-saving chemotherapy or an organ transplant!

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