Friday, March 11, 2011

Memorable memories

I’ve been off the blogging air this week. It started when I wrote a poem for my younger son’s 21st Birthday. With some great pics to accompany the rhymes, he thought it was awesome! The words had flowed so I was off and running. Thinking ahead now to elder son’s October wedding, this was my template. Maybe putting the mother of the groom on her soapbox isn’t the norm at wedding celebrations, but this mother has never done things by the book. Never even got married ... but that’s another story

Whew, what a labour of love and creativity this little enterprise turned out to be. I’ve beavered away at it all week. What started at 80 rhyming lines, now stretches to 250 and encapsulates the more significant details, the funny and classic remarks, the unique characteristics, all that was encompassed in that journey to adulthood. I’ve had old happy snaps turned into digital files (some colours now not so colourful) and visited countless Facebook pages. Any parent who wants to feel more involved with their kids’ activities and friends - you’re missing a huge resource if you’re not part of that network. Some of the images I found are pure gold! 

Most of all, revisiting those 25 years reminded me how hugely privileged to be a hands-on and always-there Mum. I reckon Dave will say the same. I’m thinking I could turn it into a kid’s book. Watch this space ...

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