Monday, January 21, 2013

David (Koch) ... the dinosaur!

So 100 mums did as promised and breastfed their babies outside the Sunrise studios in Sydney’s Martin Place at 7am this morning. The posters they displayed and the online comments made interesting reading ...“I prioritise my child’s needs over the attitudes of dinosaurs”,“you are a Neanderthal sir!”, “Where's the radio button on the poll for 'Do you think Kochie is an idiot for his remarks?'"                                                                                                                   Not all condemned David Koch however, some in fact agreed with him and thought the women were “militant” and “creating a storm in a teacup.” 

To me, the saddest thing is that there is any comment at all. When a significant proportion of the population fails to see a woman breastfeeding her baby as an absolutely normal activity, wherever that activity might be taking place, what hope do future generations have of their birthright - their mother’s breastmilk? 

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