Sunday, January 20, 2013

My baby's hungry ... so I nurse her!

Totally normal, logical and uncomplicated way to go, well if you’re a breastfeeding mum that is. Unfortunately there’s still a large, insensitive, ignorant bunch of folk out there who don’t see breastfeeding a baby as a totally normal activity that usually takes place whenever and wherever that baby’s need for food, drink or comfort strikes. 

Most recent very public example of ignorance and idiocy was a mum requested to be more discreet when she was observed breastfeeding her baby at a public swimming pool where her older children were in the water. Maybe, just maybe you could forgive a young, brash lifeguard, trying to keep his domain “respectable” but it was follow up comments made by a male morning talk show host that really set the breastfeeders going! 

Here was a wonderful opportunity for a figure in the public eye to loudly and proudly proclaim in support of breastfeeding mums, yet he saw fit to agree that it was an activity best kept out of “high-traffic” areas. The comment itself and the fact that the swimming pool was indoors and a mere handful of others were in attendance makes it small wonder that hundreds of nursing mums are planning a breast-baring/breastfeeding sit-in outside the TV studio! More power to them all and wonderful to see so many young women committed to this normal, healthy activity and prepared to stand up and be counted!

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