Friday, January 25, 2013

Raising girls? ... or raising boys? ... same challenges? ... or different?

Steve Biddulph says that raising girls has never been more challenging. Steve’s a guru in my book, wonderfully insightful, compassionate Dad and hugely successful author. Millions have read his “Raising Boys” and now he’s turned his attention to girls. He says that girls are growing up totally conflicted with a plethora of diverse messages selling heightened sexuality and the importance of body image, alongside exhortations for them to be anything they want to be and successful in any field that floats their boat - even if that boat sails into the battlefield it appears!

Mixed messages indeed and while I am a fan of Steve’s work with no experience of raising girls I think there’s something fundamental that should never be forgotten. Our work as parents is to raise children (and I make no distinction between boys and girls) who can resist the crowd, ignore the tribal mind and most importantly, be true to their own heart’s longing and soul’s delight. 

Not an easy task in a day when the media is more powerful and more pervasive than ever before and when too much of the parenting work is “off-loaded” to nannies, day and vacation carers and teachers. But raising kids with high self-esteem, who are resilient and resistant to media and peer group pressure has never been more important and is the main responsibility of their parents, not carers, grandparents, day-care, schools or other institutions. It’s a full time job that means a full time commitment, it’s not something to undertake lightly. Are you up for the job? Find out what’s involved in the sort of parenting that today’s boys and girls need ...  
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