Thursday, February 14, 2013

Compulsory vaccination? Please - not in this democracy!

Today I got wind of a bill that has the potential for vaccination in Australia to be made compulsory.
Now I am a firm believer that there are infinitely more powerful and less toxic ways to ensure optimal immune competence in our children, but leave that aside. As a concerned mother and health professional, trained in both orthodox and nutritional medicine, I’ve contacted the various senators and human rights activists to convey in the strongest possible terms that Australians must retain their democratic right to choose the health promotion measures that they adopt for themselves and their families! Therefore the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill that is before the Senate Inquiry must include the following: 'An intervention in the health field may only be carried out after the person concerned has given free and informed consent to it'. You can make your voice heard too - overseas petitioners welcome to have their say as well!

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