Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fruit and vegies will keep you smiling

Eggs, now fruit and vegetables ... and they just keep on coming. Here’s another study proving what should be entirely self-evident ... a high intake of fruit and vegetables can keep depression at bay. Seems to me that as long as somebody can dream up a research protocol to prove that what nature provided for us in the eat and drink department is far superior to the man-made versions, there’ll be more time and money wasted. 

The great pity of course is that research was never conducted along these lines before the food and beverage manufacturers became all-powerful and consumers so ill-equipped and disinclined to make the smart food and drink choices. Now it’s like Pandora trying to put the Spites back in the box! 

Case in point is the news that Mayor Bloomberg’s moves to restrict soda sales in delis, cinemas, sport stadiums and restaurants to 16 oz (480 ml) is stalled in a legal minefield with opponents saying the proposals are “stripping New Yorkers of their democratic rights.” Who needs more than 480 ml of sugar-containing, carbonated drink at a sitting anyway, or for that matter, any amount at any time? Meanwhile, the opponents to Bloomberg’s move include the NAACP, America's oldest and most august civil rights organisation who appears to receive funding from the likes of Coca-Cola. 

And across the Atlantic in the UK, proposals to tax soft drinks more heavily brings an equally outraged response from FDF (Food and Drink Federation) saying that any additional tax will hit the poorest families hardest when they can least afford it. Does it ever occur to these people that water as a drink can’t be beaten for thirst quenching ability and best of all, it’s absolutely free!

Pandora really doesn’t stand a chance!

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