Saturday, February 2, 2013

Supplements - are they style or substance?

Harvard Women’s Health Watch has warned readers that supplements are all style and no substance. In their January edition the authors downplay the purported effects of supplements because they say “most of this information has come from observational studies.” 

Here’s another example, at great cost no doubt, but keeping a bunch of scientists in the business of ongoing research. Who among the hundreds of millions of individuals who make up the supplement-taking community worldwide will seriously change their habits thanks to this Harvard study? 

Barely anyone I would suggest, not least because many intelligent and well-informed consumers understand the difference between the trials that drug companies run and the “trials” that are able to demonstrate the benefits of natural medicine, also the vast difference between “wellness care” which is what a large proportion of the supplement-takers practice, and acute or crisis care which is the focus of orthodox medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. Add to that their healthy dose of cynicism that Big Pharma has a vested interest in down-playing the benefits of the nutritional approach to health and wellbeing. So I don’t see too many people changing their supplement-taking habits. What did I say about a waste of time and money? And while we’re on the subject of time and money - you’ll get the best value from your own particular supplementation regimen with a high potency probiotic (Progurt) in the mix. Back that up with adaptogenic products for hormone balance (Femmenessence for women at different life stages and Revolution for him) and a greens product (Quintessence) for detox and you'll "observe" the "substance" of supplementation pretty quickly!

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