Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Zinc ... most important trace element if you're planning pregnancy

Love it -  here’s a story reinforcing my post of yesterday. Often neglected and ignored in favour of the better known and more widely prescribed (at least by those not trained in nutritional medicine) - iron and calcium - the trace element zinc could now be set to take centre stage. 

If you want reassurance about zinc’s importance take a look at the EU’s view of it. Under it’s super strict (some say unfairly so) NHCR (Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation) that has approved about 250 claims and rejected 1500, zinc won 18 claims ranging from immunity through skin health to maintenance of healthy vision. Compare calcium and magnesium - 10 claims apiece, iron 12 and selenium 6.

Yes, a zinc rethink is under way by the medical profession, finally coming to grips with what others have been bleating about for years. But I wonder if they’ll ever admit that one of the greatest threats to adequate zinc status in the most at-risk population is ... the oral contraceptive pill?

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Tammy said...

Few people realize the importance of zinc as a trace mineral during this time. Thanks for sharing this essential info.