Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Enhance your fertility naturally, stop the “ticking clock”

This week there was a full page ad in the Sunday supplement, promoting IVF. Following hot on its heels was the story of an IVF Clinic giving women the myths and the facts about age and declining fertility. The fact that this lecture was held in Sydney’s trendiest bar and nightspot made it pretty clear that IVF have identified a big market in the upwardly mobile women in corporate and professional Sydney and are going after it aggressively!

Then there was the news that infertile Australian women are paying $19,000 to ship in eggs from a US egg-bank to deal with a local shortage!. 

I have to ask the question...What would it take for equal resources and publicity opportunities to be available for the promotion of Healthy Parents, Healthy Baby program and products? I’m putting it out there, because couples really need to hear the other side of the story. 
One important fact they need to know is that 2010 (most recent) statistics for combined Australian & NZ Assisted Reproductive Technology, offers just 18.1 percent live baby. Turn that around, it becomes close to 82 percent failure rate! How many intelligent, high-achieving couples would spend money on a service or technology that failed in 82 cases out of 100! I wonder...?

But the good news is, increasing age isn’t the fertility death-knell that it’s cracked up to be. There are healthy, natural ways to stop the ticking clock, and dramatically improve the health of eggs and sperm and your chance of conception. Best of all the likelihood of having a truly, happy, baby are also dramatically increased, an important by-product of conception that the IVF clinics blithely ignore along with their miserable “success” rate.

Now I’ve got brand new mini-ebooks to get you and your partner on the right track to a healthy natural conception (and healthy pregnancy)!

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