Monday, March 11, 2013

Spend some time in the sun

Consumption of high doses of vitamin D supplements during pregnancy may raise the risk of children developing food allergies after birth, says research.

Vitamin D has been in the news a lot lately - most notably because of the widespread incidence of deficiency that has been noted in Western populations. These are largely a legacy of cancer-council scare-mongering and lifestyles and working environments that are focused mostly indoors rather than out.

Now along with the identified deficiencies comes the debate about supplemental dosage forms and levels and now concern about the potential for Vitamin D during pregnancy to lead to food allergies in the baby - something the supplements would in fact be designed to prevent.

Makes a good case for moderate exposure to sunlight as the best way to prevent deficiency and get the appropriate dose in the appropriate form. So avoid sunburn, limit exposure to the strong midday sun, but ensure some regular, unprotected exposure when the sun is more than 50 degrees above the horizon (it’s at 90 degrees when it’s directly overhead). Vitamin D is manufactured when your skin takes on a very slight pink tinge. 

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