Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ensuring optimally healthy sperm

Maternal use of supplemental folic acid from 4 weeks before to 8 weeks after the start of pregnancy was associated with a lower risk of autistic disorder in children, says a new study.

I simply can’t understand why we need yet more research to confirm that optimal nutritional status in the prospective mother prior to pregnancy can improve the physical and mental health of her offspring. It’s hardly new knowledge. However, what is mentioned far too infrequently, is the father’s contribution to ensuring his child's optimal mental and physical health. Preparation for the healthiest possible conception means preparation by both partners equally! 

Preconception care for the prospective father should involve detoxifying liver herbs, methyl factors and antioxidants such as zinc and selenium (both found in high concentrations in semen to protect the sperm), with CoQ10 and lipoic acid, which also provide mitochondrial support for aging effects and motility. In addition to reducing environmental toxicity, the male part of the bargain includes an organic, wholefood diet, no alcohol caffeine or cigarettes, regular exercise, reduced stress and sex on a daily basis! While men may sometimes be less willing than their partners to undertake preconception healthcare, the last recommendation usually gets them excited, along with the reminder that comprehensive preconception care is undoubtedly the greatest gift they will ever give their children (and their grandchildren). This approach to pregnancy has the potential to drastically reduce the likelihood of a “rare disease” which I was horrified to learn yesterday, currently affects 6 - 10 percent of Australians! 

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