Sunday, March 3, 2013

Supplement-takers - are wellness-focused

‘Improving’ and ‘maintaining’ overall health are the top reasons for consumers to use supplements, according to new data from the National Institutes of Health.

And surprise, surprise, the majority of supplement users don’t use them as a substitute for healthier lifestyle and diet, but to support both! Supplement users have lower BMIs, drink less alcohol, exercise more regularly and are less likely to smoke than the non-supplement-taking population.  Nor do the supplementers use them to treat a chronic disease or acute condition, but rather to promote or maintain wellbeing and astoundingly more than 60 percent of Americans fall into this category. That’s no small number, and no wonder Big Pharma is getting in a tizz over the potential for their profit base to be eroded as more and more people turn away from the medical solution. All of that said, the likelihood of the pharmaceutical industry going into a decline anytime soon remains a very remote possibility. 

Which raises the question, exactly which supplements should you be taking? If I were asked to single out one (and now this is solid research and key experts talking through me) I’d say a high potency probiotic tops the list. Get your gut health right and other supplements and health-promotion measures will work better! Some earlier blogs expand on the gut story if you’re new to the news that the gut bacteria are responsible for much more than the digestion of your food. 

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