Saturday, April 6, 2013

Whole family's fat? Can your kids blame you?

Latest edition of Australia’s The Biggest Loser is about “family fat” - in other words “like father, like son”, or “like mother, like daughter.” Yikes - what a legacy!  One of TBL 's personal trainers has gone on record as being inspired by one of the Dads on the show, while being appalled at the behaviour of some of the young towards their parents ... whom they often blame.

As well they might ... the studies are relentless in their confirmation. The negative effects of a preconception/pregnancy junk food diet, high-sugar intake, obesity, Caesarean-sections and formula feeding are trans-generational, or at the very least, have the potential to consign a child to a lifetime of poorer health and weight management issues from birth. 

Don’t let your kid point the finger of blame at you ... there are enough pitfalls in being a parent, enough genetic effects over which you can exert little or no control, to be stuck with those about which you can do something. And it’s never too soon to get started. 

It’s a simple program, involves both prospective parents equally and should be in place for at least four months before you plan to conceive. Prebiotics and probiotics are an essential foundation but also ongoing step in your preconception preparation, lots more sound advice in my latest mini ebooks. And believe me, whatever effort you both make before you conceive, will pale into insignificance alongside the gut-busting exercise and gut-wrenching food restrictions (or worse) that might otherwise become your offspring's lot.

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