Monday, April 8, 2013

Your kids will thank you for their healthy weight!

Soaring intakes of sugar-sweetened drinks are associated with increased calorie consumption of other foods such as sweets and pizza in children, warn researchers.

Ten thousand children were studied. Those who consumed sugar-sweetened beverages such as soft drinks or fruit juice sweetened with sugar (SSBs) were found to consume more high-fat, high-sugar foods generally. And the higher their consumption of SSBs, the more fried food, pizza, cakes, cookies and sweets they ate! 

This study should come as no surprise - as I blogged recently - studies have proven that junk food is addictive and junk-food-addicted, fat kids frequently point the finger of blame at their parents. They mightn’t be aware of the reasons, but they’re right that the fault for the fat, in many cases, doesn’t lie with them.

What would it take for your kids to thank you for slim build, strong physique, mental acuity, immune competence, gut health and a host of other vital goodies? Optimal physical, mental and emotional health isn’t in the lap of the gods, it’s not just the luck of the draw. It’s in your hands! You and your partner have the chance to give your kids the greatest gift of all - a lifetime of preference for real, live, healthy food, normal weight control mechanisms and so much more. You can get started now!

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