Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Who really needs an "extruded apple" snack?

Researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University have been “sneaking nutrients into children’s snacks”  via dried fruit powders. Not only are the extruded snacks from fruit powders more nutritious than the commonly given crisps et al. but tangerine and apple-flavoured ones at least have scored four out of five in the kids' taste/acceptance rating. 

The downside of making children’s snacks healthier via this method appears to be the financial cost - drying of fruit extracts to retain taste and nutritional value is expensive. I bet it is! But did anyone ever stop to ask why we need look beyond the whole fruit as a snack? Of course that leaves the manufacturers and marketers out in the cold ... but I digress.

Seriously, if you want your kids to eat healthy food, those tastes must be established in utero. So that means as a prospective mum your diet needs to be full of variety - organic if possible, fresh, whole, unrefined, in season and all the colours of the rainbow ! That means more red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple - it means reduced amounts of white and brown!

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