Friday, May 24, 2013

Getting with the program

I’ve always said that my Healthy Parents, Healthy Baby preconception program is about exactly that ... truly healthy parents and truly healthy babies! In other words it’s about a great deal more than fertility. Sadly, when there’s so much publicity given to those increasing numbers TTC (trying to conceive) in vain, when marketing of ART (assisted reproductive technology) as the answer to the baby prayers of anyone over thirty floods the media, it’s a wonderful endorsement of my work when the preconception workup works, just like it’s supposed to.

There’s nothing to beat the wonderful excitement of an easy conception and a first trimester free of morning sickness! Add to that a GP who advises no scan until post 16 weeks (of course I’d ask why scan at all if everything is proceeding normally, but hooray for a medical voice of caution) and I like the chances of a normal, unmedicated birth and successful breastfeeding.  Just as exciting are the words and actions of a young mum in my local wholefood market this morning, endorsing baby-wearing and co-sleeping as the reasons for her secure, confident, adventurous toddler! Hooray for another sane voice and may there be more of you...

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