Monday, June 3, 2013

Fifty years on - and looking back

In recent weeks I’ve watched as girls from my long-ago school days join the group that, come November, will celebrate fifty years since graduating from Narrabeen Girls’ High. Thanks to the sleuthing efforts of a committed few, our group grows bigger and more involved with ways to mark this milestone. First of all it was news that a favourite English teacher is still alive and will turn 91 in September. Miss Collins was clearly an inspiration to many, her ex-students claiming true mastery of grammar (not just by themselves but by their children), constant critical eyes cast over modern journalism, a lifetime love of literature, a career as an English teacher, and my own claim - an ability to write.

Then the memories started pouring in - our misdemeanours probably sound tame to modern-day students, although leaving the music room via the window and re-appearing through the classroom door, transposing student names in the process, would surely frustrate any teacher, then or now. Thankfully, some of the teaching styles and ways of addressing or chastising students are long gone. 

Next to come are our one-page summaries of lives, loves, achievements and dreams ... I feel a Wiki coming on!

That's me, top row, third from right - I was soon to turn 16 years old and head off to university.

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