Saturday, June 1, 2013

Speaking of brain food

It’s official - the average Western diet damages your brain! Of course lots of people have known that fact for a very long time - but now Australian researchers at Macquarie University, reviewing decades of evidence, have linked the high-fat, high-sugar, typical Western-style diet to impaired brain functioning and development of neurodegenerative conditions. They make it clear that the same foods that are making us fat are impairing our mental function and are also disturbing our appetite regulation.

The bad news ... there is limited evidence to show that the neurodegenerative decline is reversible. 

Another study on the subject of memory and improving cognition, a topic very dear to every baby-boomer’s heart, the Mediterranean diet rears its healthy head again. Yep, the benefits of olive oil, lots of red, purple and green vegetables, plus seafood, nuts and legumes is undisputed. In other words, the things to avoid are red meat and dairy, those saturated fats that the Macquarie researchers identified as the trouble-makers. 

The good news ... you can set your children on the right path, give them the very best possible start in mental (and physical) health. The introduction to what you and your partner need to eat and do in the time before you get pregnant in my new mini ebooks. 

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