Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gut microbiota linked to infant growth rate

"The composition of the gut microbiota in a new-born baby may have a significant impact on the rate of growth during early infancy" according to new research.

Yes, I know I keep saying it, but the evidence just keeps piling up. The gut microbiota holds the more general and long-term physical and mental health of the individual in its little bacterial hands. Here’s another study providing confirmation. 

Researchers from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health have linked the presence of specific microbial strains to both increased and reduced growth rate in infants. They studied fecal samples of 218 infants when they were 4,10,30 and 120 days old and identified the healthy strains that led to expected growth rate, also the unhealthy strains that reduced expected growth. Their studies add weight (sorry, bad joke) to the argument that it’s the composition of the gut microbiota that predispose to obesity, and conversely to lean. 

My mantra - ensure the healthiest possible gut population for the whole family, whether you’re planning pregnancy, already pregnant, or raising toddlers. It’s easy to make a multi-strained probiotic supplement into a yoghurt that the whole family can enjoy every day.

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