Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's a job that really matters

Interesting and thought-provoking article. In a society where many are privileged enough to delegate tedious household chores to others - cleaning, ironing, cooking just some examples - where do we draw the line? If we are also able to delegate many of our parenting 'chores' - school drop-offs and pick-ups, induction and graduation ceremonies, homework and more - do we simply become women who betray other women? The author of this article set me thinking.

In response, I ask my own question - ‘why bother?’ If the demands of raising children consistently take a back seat to your ‘real’ life and your professional responsibilities, maybe parenting isn’t a career you should embark on. Today there’s a problem in our perception of what becoming a mum or a dad actually means. Quite simply, parenting just doesn’t feature very highly on anyone’s list of worthwhile or meaningful jobs. For many, having kids is just another box ticked or another score on the board. Yet no job is more important and none more rewarding! My final question ... at the end of your life, will you wish you’d spent more time in the office? I reckon you'll wish you’d spent more time with your kids. 
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