Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Swamped by the cost of the healthcare system?

Professor Paul Clayton from Oxford University’s Institute of Food Brain and Behaviour says  “public health is in a desperate state and it is getting worse!” Adding that there are “grotesque public health problems that are overwhelming our facilities” Professor Clayton suggests we need to find a way for the industry and the regulatory sector to communicate more effectively and work better together...mmmmmmmmm

Having worked for more than 45 years in the “healthcare” industry, I can say with confidence that it’s really a “disease care” industry and disease care is extremely profitable. Without resolve to draconian measures, that situation won’t resolve anytime soon. 

However, were the current situation to reverse, in other words were money only paid out when the individual stayed well, Big Pharma and all its acolytes e.g. hospitals, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists and yes, those in natural medicine who do no more than dispense band-aids from a different sort of medicine cabinet, might operate under different parameters. Right now there is little incentive for a health professional  to dispense diet and lifestyle advice when a prescription can be offered in a fraction of the time and when such prescribing often comes attached to a grab bag of freebies. Providing financial incentives to those individuals who stay well might also change the way the general population responds to health-promotion measures. Most significant benefits should be handed to those couples who set the foundation of better health long before conception occurs! 

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