Thursday, June 13, 2013

Takeaway? Takeout? How often do you eat it?

"A survey of more than 5,000 users of a leading online food ordering service shows that 88 percent of young US urbanites buy lunch at least once a week and a quarter buy lunch every day."  

Scary statistic - and that’s just the lunchtime takeout! I suggest Australia is probably not far behind. How long since you took a packed lunch from home? If you can’t remember, maybe you could try getting up ten minutes earlier and putting together something fresh, whole and nutritious. Of course your ability to do that depends on what’s in your fridge and also on your having made extra portions when you cooked dinner. Can’t remember the last time you cooked dinner? Can’t imagine anything other than a peanut butter sandwich for your lunch box, then listen up...

Healthy food grown on healthy soil, a rainbow every day, more red, orange, green, yellow and purple - less white? Whatever your particular mantra around your eating habits, your physical and mental health will benefit. If you’re thinking babies you can head off fussy eaters at the pass, but that means a complete overhaul of your own shopping and eating preferences. So whether it’s just for you wanting more than peanut butter, for your kids who can do a lot better than a canteen lunch or for a yet-to-be-conceived next generation I’ve got all the information you need. Shopping lists, beginner’s kitchen garden, simple, delicious recipes, getting kids involved and best of all  ... lunchbox suggestions!

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