Monday, July 15, 2013

Let the sun shine on ...

Dr. Mercola regularly makes the case for a daily dose of sunshine - and I agree with him wholeheartedly. But now he tells us it’s about more than vitamin D production, vitally important though that function is.

Regular exposure to sunshine (apart from making you feel fantastic) has the following benefits:
  • Pain-killing (analgesic) properties
  • Increased subcutaneous fat metabolism
  • Regulation of human lifespan (solar cycles appear to be able to directly affect the human genome, thereby influencing lifespan)
  • Daytime sun exposure improves evening alertness
  • Conversion to metabolic energy (i.e. we may “ingest” energy directly from the sun, like plants do)
So get out there and expose yourself - and it feels damn good! 20 minutes of full body exposure will produce 20,000IU of vitamin D. Of course not all climates are conducive, not all folk want their bodies exposed, so since vitamin D is not available from food sources, what are your supplement options? Since this is such an important issue, one that is particularly important if you're planning a pregnancy, I've devoted my next several posts to the topic. Don't miss them...

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